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Rocky Mountain Braille Associates LLC

Workshops and Trainings Offered

QuickTac Graphics

Workshop type: Hands-on with software and hardware or demonstration

Time required: 1-2 hours

Description: QuickTac is free graphics software offered by Duxbury Systems. In conjunction with Windows Paint program, QT facilitates production of simple graphics that can be embossed on most standard braille embossers. The tactile graphic can be produced as a stand-alone or embedded in a DBT braille file and embossed with surroundingĀ  text materials.

Objectives: Participants will

  • explore the features of QuickTac and Paint
  • learn the appropriate file formats for importing and saving a QT graphic
  • recognize codes to embed the graphic in a braille file
  • use the software to design and emboss graphics

2012-13 Presentations
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Orlando, FL

Foundation for Blind Children
Phoenix, AZ

Perkins School for the Blind
Watertown, MA

DIAGRAM Center/Benetech
Asilomar, CA

Grafton Braille Service Center
Grafton, OH

Diagrams 2012
Canterbury, United Kingdom

AER International
Seattle, WA

Norfolk Public Schools
Norfolk, VA

Easter Seals Arkansas
Little Rock, AR

CDE State Conference on B/VI
Denver, CO

Accessing Higher Ground
Westminster, CO

ATIA 2013
Orlando, FL

Virginia AER
Richmond, VA

NFB Tactile Graphics Conf.
Baltimore, MD